The Moore Park Beach Arts Festival 




  1. Moore Park Beach Arts Festival – The entertainment will be over 2 day’s – Saturday 17th of August and Sunday 18th of August 2019.

  2. Stage – There is one Main Stage and includes back line – Please note dedicated personnel will coordinate AV and the nominated MC will provide direction for performers on the day.

  3. Entertainment Program – Leading up to the event, the successful performers will be scheduled in a run sheet on what day/s and times.

  4. Duration of Performance – There will be 45 minute sets with 15-minute change over for act’s – with an exception on performance’s that require demonstration / activities.

  5. Roving Performers and Buskers – Having a wider range of entertainment at this year festival – we encourage and welcome to complete the Performers EOI Application.

  6. Water – Water is provided for performers at the stage.

  7. Smoking – The Moore Park Beach Arts Festival is a smoke-free event.



  1. The selection of groups – All EOI’s will be evaluated by a selection panel, on the following criteria:

  • Quality and type of performances / presentation

  • Suitability of act / performer

  • Range of applications received

  • Participant details, group size and performance type

  • Budgetary consideration


2. Sound Checks – will be advised directly by the respective AV company.


3. Back Stage Marquee – Will be provided as a short term stop for artist’s gear and / or preparation for        roving artist’s and buskers – please ensure that valuables are not left unattended in the marquee –          Moore Park Beach Arts Festival will not be responsible of gear belonging to artists placed / held / left      within the Back Stage Area.


4.  Alcohol and Drug Policy – All performers shall not consume, use, be under the influence of or have in       their possession or allow any member of its staff to consume, use or have in their possession,                   alcohol or illegal drugs anywhere within the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival event site.

5.  First Aid – All accidents and incidents must be reported to an President of the Moore Park Beach             Art's Festival / Event staff member.


6.  Performances - All performances are expected to be professional and not undertake any behaviour         or acts that may be offensive, including the use live music using offensive language.


7.  Weather – If wet weather is occurring on / during the day – please see Event coordinator for further          instructions / information.


8.  APRA – Some performances may be subject to copyright – Under our licence conditions with APRA,         we do not have to provide then with a list of songs that are performed on the day. However, if that            information is requested by APRA – we will ask you to provide it.


9.  Marketing and Promotion – Moore Park Beach Arts Festival agrees to use all available resources to          promote you leading up to the event and your performance on the day.


10. Public Liability Insurance – The Performer is required to ensure they have a Public Liability                        Certificate of Currency, if this EOI application is successful.


11. In the event of unforeseen circumstances for the performer e.g. Illness or family emergency – the            performer agrees to provide as much notice as possible to the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival                  organisers.


12.  I have read and agree to comply with the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival Terms and Conditions.


The Performer/s agree to abide by the directions of the MC, stage manager and event organisers. The performer/s agrees to be a positive ambassador during the festival and understand that any negative commentary about the event, it’s supporters, or partners, in the context of the event, may result in cancellation of this agreement.

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